About us

About us

RabBit Ltd maintains quick deliveries of imported electronic components from the warehouses of Europe, USA and South-East Asia.
We have great experience in searching, delivering, selecting and replacing the components, which helps us to fulfill the tasks set by our clients.
We cover the requirements of our clients delivering wide range of electronic components made by more than one hundred producers.
We guarantee the fulfillment of deliveries in the sensible terms and at best prices.
Our experts have a lot of experience in completing the orders of our clients and constantly analyze the demand on electronic components,
so that they can help to select the needed electronic components or their analogues with similar parameters made by various producing companies.

Our values are:

- professionalism and openness
- efficiency, reliability and accuracy of our deliveries
- convenient work and customer attention

Wielding Machines production

RabBit Ltd is pleased to announce official start of Wielding Machines development and production!
The wielding machines production is our company's new branch, and we give our best effort in it.
We take orders from Russia.

Contact us:

RabBit Ltd
9, Kurchatova str.
Saint Petersburg, RUSSIA, 194223
ph./fax: +7(812)702-14-04
Skype: zaitsev_alexei
ICQ: 499-640-664